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All about Turkey is a small and yet a picky directory of on-line resources in and about Turkey.


All about Turkey Bookstore brings you 2.5 millions volume books provided by Amazon.com, and indexes lots of books about Turkey, the Balkans, and the Middle East for your convenience.

All about Turkey

Turkey in Pictures

This is a collection of pictures of Turkey mostly scanned from brochures by the Ministry of Tourism back in 1993. The pictures are indexed in different categories such as regions, cities, as well as the alphabetical order of the sites.


I like taking pictures. This is one of my hobbies. Here in this site, I plan to share my pictures with you. I also plan to have links to other photo sites, as well.

Taking Pictures


Android Blog

I have started hosting a blog for Android mobile operating system in Turkish. I share some experience and app recommendations with my friends. You are welcome to join.

This is a kind of an old project of mine. I wrote this as a part of my research and introduction to my Ph.D. thesis. I have decided to share it so that instead of collecting dust or bits, whatever, some one may find it useful. Currently, I am not in computer business.

Metadata and Metadata Modeling

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