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Turkey in Pictures

This is a collection of pictures of Turkey mostly scanned from brochures by the Ministry of Tourism back in 1993. The pictures are indexed in different categories such as regions, cities, as well as the alphabetical order of the sites. There are about 130 pictures already available. If you want to share your images with the rest of the world, please let me know. I can also add your URL to All about Turkey directory under Tourism and Travel menu.

Point 'n Shoot

My first camera was a Minolta Freedom Zoom Explorer with a 28-70mm zoom, and I still keep it. It is a wonderful point & shoot camera for starters. It is very light, compact, and receives very nice reviews mostly due to its sharp lens. It has a very small view finder, though. I think it is the only flaw of this camera. If you'd like to buy this camera, please click here.

Central New York State and the Fall Foliage

Once I had a Minolta X370 SLR camera, and a couple of lenses in different ranges. Later, I have upgraded it with a X700. Here are some pictures I took with these cameras, and want to share with you. They are mostly from Central New York State in the US. You can buy the most recent Minolta cameras here.

Syracuse in Digital

This group of pictures are taken by a Panasonic CoolShot 600A digital camera. Mostly in Syracuse and the University Campus. This digital camera is very small and handy. It takes nice pictures in the sun light, but not in the dim light. You can buy the most recent Panasonic cameras here.


I had a chance to travel in Europe by train in the summer of 1997. During this trip, I visited many big cities in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France. On this page, you'll see my pictures from this trip.


On this page, I plan to share some selected pictures of mine which are either altered, cropped to the subject, or interesting.

Photography Sites


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